Register as a new User

Request an account on or directly from the desktop app sign in screen.

Once you receive the account information email, proceed to the Login page.

You will then be prompted to app (if you have any trouble, check our how to download veamly the app)

Connect your app

When you first login to Veamly, you will be prompted to connect at least one app

Choose your first integration

Choose any of the existing integrations (You can find more info on adding integrations here)

Register as an invited teammate

If you received an invitation to use Veamly, you will have to click on the join now button to access your account.

(You might have to check your spam folder).

Once done, you can proceed to the password creation page and create your new password.

Finally, you'll be redirected to the Login page, you can then login using your email and the password you just created.

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