How to install & configure the integration:

1. Getting Started

Click on the button + and then add Slack.

2. Set the right permissions in your slack account

Once you chose Slack, you will be redirected to your slack login window. You will then authorize Veamly to access your slack workspace. If you are connected to multiple slack workspaces, make sure to select the right one.

Once you click on authorize, you will receive a popup window confirming your integration within few seconds. Click on continue to get back to your Veamly feed.

3. Add the slack bot to the Veamly channels

When you go back to your Veamly feed,  you will receive a pop up to add the Veamly bot to the slack channels you want to include in the Veamly feed. Click on "start with your first channel' to get started.

Important Note: In order to get started with the Slack integration, you need to have permission from your slack admin team to add and configure third-party apps in your slack workspace. You can then add the Veamly bot.

4. Configure your slack integration anytime

Click on the + button on your left menu and click on configure slack. You will see here all your slack channels. The selected channels are the ones you added the bot to, they automatically get added to your feed. If you change your mind at any time, you can unselect any of them and click submit changes. You can also filter by public or private channel.

If there's a slack channel you want to add that doesn't have the bot yet, you will see a little yellow warning icon to remind you to add the bot to that channel first. 

Important Note: You only have access to the channels you are originally a member of.

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